Rowan Jacobsen, author of many books including A Geography of Oysters, considered de rigeur by shuckers everywhere, and The Living Shore, which is the inspiration for founding The Wild Oyster Project

Elizabeth Taylor, DOER Marine, Deep Ocean Exploration and Research

Betsy Peabody, Executive Director Puget Sound Restoration Fund

Kirk Lombard, Founder and Proprietor of Sea Forager

John Finger, Marine Biologist, Oyster Farmer and Proprietor of Hog Island Oyster Co.

Martin Strain, Oyster Farmer and Proprietor of Bodega Oyster Farm

Martin Seiler, Biologist, and General Manager of Tomales Bay Oyster Co.

Chris Starbird, Marine Biologist, Oyster Farmer and Proprietor of Starbird Mariculture

Henry French, General Manager, Leo’s Oyster Bar, San Francisco

Laura Moran, Principal and Director of Ecosystem Restoration Services, MIG

Myla Ablog, Wetland Biologist and Educator fighting for Environmental Justice in Bayview Hunter's Point